The Coral Coast and Kalbarri

3days/2nights to the beautiful Coral Coast, the most interactive activities you can experience in natural surroundings. Find out how the real regional towns come alive when you are feeling relaxed on your journey.

Pool of Remembrance Geraldton Western Australia

Go to places that tourists rarely visit

Embark on a journey North of Perth to places only locals are familiar with. Visit Geraldton and remote areas that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

Lake Thetis Cervantes, Coral Coast, Western Australia

Explore a different side of Australia

The rocks in the saline waters of Lake Thetis are living Stromatolites, the oldest living lifeforms on our planet, important because they contribute with oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere.

Z Bend Lookout, Kalbarri National Park, Batavia Coast

Journey through the diverse landscapes of the Kalbarri National Park

Visit the Z Bend lookout, a popular Nature’s Window lookout on the Murchison River Gorge in Western Australia

Enjoy an amazing experience in your own backyard

A beachside road trip along the Coral Coast with stunning sights on the route to Pink Lake and Kalbarri National Park. See the enigmatic Pinnacles, Lake Thetis ancient Thrombolites and the town of Geraldton.


Departing from: 300 Wellington St. Perth
– Return transport to Kalbarri
– Day 1, lunch and dinner at different restaurants
– Day 2, picnic style lunch and drinks
– 2 nights hotel accommodation in Geraldton,
– Entry fees to attractions