A Tour from Perth to explore the popular Yanchep National Park, the Crystal Cave, Cervantes, The Pinnacles, and the picturesque Scarborough Beach. You’ll have the opportunity to see Western Australia animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and a wide variety of birds.

After meeting your guide at the pick up point in Perth City, you’ll travel by air-conditioned coach to Yanchep National Park, one of the oldest parks in Western Australia. Experience a walk trail among nature, away from the city life, feel eucalyptus scents, hear much loved birds and feel refresh from natural surroundings stunning Australian bush land.

Yanchep National Park

This is the tour for you if you’re an animal and nature lover, you’ll see koalas and kangaroos in the wild rather than ‘touch the koalas.’  With over 400 caves recorded in the park, you will then visit one of the oldest Yanchep caves in Australia; the Crystal Cave with its dripping stalagmites.

Kangaroos Wildlife Yanchep National Park, Western Australia
Crystal Cave Yanchep National Park, Western Australia
Canopy Trees in Yanchep National Park in Western Australia


Enjoy a delicious Australian Fish and Chips lunch in Cervantes or you can indulge in a Lobster.

The Cervantes Pinnacles route gives you the opportunity to take pleasure in some great views of the Australian landscape and ghostly appearances of floating white sand dunes in the middle of the green bush.

Pinnacles Lunch, Lobster, Fish and Chips

Lake Thetis and Stromatolites

Following lunch visit the Stromatolites that live at Lake Thetis, these are the oldest living lifeforms on our planet. Important because they contribute oxygen to the earth’s atmosphere.

Stromatolites, Lake Thetis, Cervantes Western Australia

Perth Day Tour Pinnacles

About 200 km north of Perth, visit the iconic Pinnacles Western Australia of Nambung National Park, one of the attractions in the Coral Coast region of Cervantes. The amazing  limestone rocks were formed approximately 30,000 years ago, after the sea moved away and left deposits of sea shells. Over time, the wind removed the surrounding white lime-rich sand, leaving the rock formations.

This Perth day tour Pinnacles  gives you the opportunity to observe evidence of the origins of the Pinnacles from windblown beach sands and rotting plants that struggle to stabilise the shifting sands with deep biding roots. You’re going to be amazed at The Pinnacles once you’re there!

The Pinnacles of Nambung National Park, Western Australia
A Winter Afternoon at the Pinnacles, Western Australia

The Indian Ocean Drive

Finish the day with a relaxing drive along the Indian Ocean Drive with a varied insight into the region and ever changing landscapes, towards Scarborough Beach.

Enjoy this beautiful part of the coastline, breathe the fresh air and soak in the sights.

The underwater limestone of  the coast provides: food, habitat, breeding hollows and shelter for the local marine life. Aeolianite is an unusual type of lime stone that has been formed over thousands of years. This limestone was formed by dunes of wind-blown lime sand cemented.

Scarborough Beach

Enjoy a personal experience visiting Scarborough beach, very popular among local residents, the long stretch of white sand attracts young people, swimmers, professional surfers, people who enjoy fishing, body-boarders, kite surfers and wind surfers. Many people also practice dancing or play beach volleyball at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.

Scarborough Beach Pool, Western Australia, Perth-Tours WA

Starts 8:00 am, Finishes 7:00 pm
National Park entry fees
Walking tour
2-course lunch
Afternoon tea
Bottled water
Local guide
Live commentary on board
Small-group tour
Transport by air-conditioned coach