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A Winter Afternoon at the Pinnacles, Western Australia

Pinnacles Day Trip

Travel from Perth to explore the popular Yanchep National Park, the Crystal Cave, Cervantes, The Pinnacles, and the picturesque Scarborough Beach. You’ll have the opportunity to see Western Australia animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and a wide variety of birds.
A Western Australia tour that includes one of the oldest parks in WA, this is an opportunity to experience a walk trail among nature, away from the city life, to feel eucalyptus scents, hear much loved birds and feel refresh from stunning Australian bush land.
Experience one of the oldest caves in Australia; the Crystal Cave. Enjoy a delicious Australian fresh Fish and Chips Lunch or upgrade to a Lobster Lunch in Cervantes. Visit the Stromatolites at Lake Thetis. Following with a Perth Pinnacles Tour and finish the day with a relaxing drive along the Indian Ocean drive towards Scarborough Beach to enjoy the Sunset.

Starts 8:00 am, Finishes 7:00 pm, all-inclusive

Fremantle Boat Harbour, Western Australia

Perth to Fremantle

Take a guided tour from Perth to Fremantle sightseeing the Swan River. See some of Perth’s most expensive real estate on a relaxing drive along the Swan River.
Visit the world heritage site of Fremantle Prison to learn about the history of Western Australia.

Following by a visit to the Victorian Fremantle Markets, which showcases original products from Perth.

In additon, you will also visit oldest building in WA; The Round House and Whalers Tunnel. Enjoy a delicious dinner in Fremantle Boat Harbour and a walking tour in Fremantle Cappuccino street. Dring back to Perth visit Sir James Mitchell Park for a photographic opportunity of the spectacular views of Perth city.

Starts 11:30 am, Finishes 7:00 pm, all-inclusive

Grapes ready for wine production in the Swan Valley Palate Adventure Tour, Western Australia

Swan Valley Adventure Tour

A Guided Tour to the food lover’s haven, the Swan Valley.

Experience authentic Australian products, enjoy vineyards scenic views, tasting of chocolates, macadamias, nougats, freshly-baked lavender scones with jam, honey, wine, beer and a delicious lunch.

Learn about the history of the Swan Valley as the town dates back over 187-years and how viticulture emerged, making it the oldest wine making region in Western Australia.

Starts 11:00 am, Finishes 6:00 pm, all-inclusive Minimum 10 Passengers

Cottesloe Beach, Sunset Coast, Western Australia

A Day of Leisure along Perth Sunset Coast Tour

A Tour in Perth that takes you for a day-trip to the Sunset Coast of Western Australia.
Immerse in one of Australia’s most beautiful coasts visiting the Sunset Coast region.
Visit and enjoy the panoramic views of Cottesloe beach, City Beach and Scarborough beach. Enjoy lunch at the beach in a restaurant that offers exclusive appetizing meals.
Following lunch, visit Kings Park and be inspired by the spectacular views of the city of Perth and the Swan River. Take a walk along the Federation Tree Top Walkway in the park, including a visit to the Botanic Gardens.

Starts     8:30 am,  Finishes 4:00 pm, all-inclusive

Quoka in Rottnest Island

Skydiving Rottnest Island Quokkas Encounter

In the morning depart from Perth to Fremantle by coach and travel by Ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest Island only 18 kms west from Fremantle. The enchanting fauna and flora of Rottnest Island will give you a memorable experience.
This tour includes a tandem skydive, professional training from a qualified master. After you suit up, board the plane for 20 minutes flight over the island, when reaching maximum altitude, prepare to skydive in one of the most spectacular locations in the world. Experience an exhilarating adrenaline rush of free fall in the sky.

While walking around the island, at this fabulous A Class reserve, you can take great photographs with the amazing Quokkas and relax at the beach.

Starts     8:00 am,  Finishes 6:00 pm, all-inclusive