Easy to Follow Tips for your Trip around WA

Relaxing Walk Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

Western Australia offers you many different worlds to choose from in one state. Perth is commonly known as Australia’s sunniest capital city, we have forests of ancient timber giants, amazing large reefs for snorkeling, white beaches, wide-open desert landscapes and true remote areas on Earth.
To help you plan your local trip, here are few easy to follow guidelines:

  1. Family meeting to select place
    Involving the family to plan a holiday is more fun, and everyone will learn geography about Western Australian.
    For example, tourism areas are called: Perth and Surrounds, The South West, The Coral Coast, The North West, and The Golden Outback
  2. Choose Activities to keep everyone entertained
    Swimming, Bush walks, games, playgrounds, regional events, National parks attractions, and don’t forget to include relaxing time for mum and dad.
  3. List places to visit and assign prices, this will be your budget
  4. Service your car ready to travel more than 500 km
  5. Check your destination for nearby medical care
  6. Schedule day, time and distance to travel
  7. Make a copy of your itinerary and share it with a friend or family member in case of emergency